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Returning to Travel

Nervous about traveling again?  Staying well during post COVID-19 travel can be fun and a controlled safe way to meet new people.


Small group travel with Karue is safe, luxurious, and adventurous! Read more about what we are doing to keep you safe in our statements at the bottom of this page.

Returning to Travel

Small Group Travel

What have you missed most amidst COVID-19? Karue's friends have missed traveling to new places and having real-life human interaction with one another. 

Domestic travel is safe and is emerging once again! Traveling with a small group offers safety and socialization.

Handpicked Experiences

Karue's corporate partners work together to create unique and exclusive itineraries for its guests.


Karue's staff and partners handpick each experience to ensure ethical and delightful vacation tailored just for you.

Supporting Local Communities

Karue is committed to supporting the communities in which we travel. Whenever possible we provide our guests with the most local accommodations and excursions. 

Karue carefully picks every activity to guarantee that we are positively leaving a mark in a community. 

State, Local, and Venue Guidelines

Karue is committed to keeping our guests safe including following all state, local, and venue guidelines.

Our extensive network of partners in boutique locations has given us the information needed to maintain a standard of excellence relative to our guests health and safety.

Customized Free-Time Built Into Your Itinerary

Your customized free-time is complete with an extensive list of excursions that you choose based on your comfortability and interest. 

Explore an off-road restaurant, SUP tour, horseback riding, a local festival, and more. It's your time to explore!

A Vacation You Don't Need A Vacation From

Each trip is designed with the goal of delightful refreshment in mind. Often times, women are the ones responsible for planning vacations.


At Karue you don't have to worry about that. We are here to alleviate the stress of organizing so you can focus on relaxing and making memories. 

After-all, you deserve it!

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