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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Karue instead of doing it myself?

To plan a vacation, it takes anywhere from 10-30 hours to research, plan, and book. With our local knowledge, global network, and trip experience, we are able to make your dream vacation come to life.

Have you ever felt like you needed a vacation from your vacation? Most likely that is because you spent so much time trying to make the trip perfect and forgot to actually take a break. That is what we are here for. You can embrace what vacation truly means to you! Whether you want to relax, explore, learn, or a little bit of everything - we got you covered.

Karue is the leading mother-daughter trip hosting company. We specialize in unique itineraries that ensure a great vacation. We are here to celebrate mothers and daughters across the world.

Karue is an ALL INCLUSIVE trip company... what do you mean by that?

The only thing you need to plan is your arrival at the given destination. The rest is 100% planned by Karue and its worldwide partners. 


That means your trip cost includes meals, drinks, hotel stay, destination transportation, excursions, and gratuities for all aforementioned services. 


Who are these trips for?

MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS: We specialize in mother-daughter trips. This is for mother-daughter groups of all ages, race, ethnicity, and background.


WOMEN: Paralleled with our excellence in mother-daughter trips, women use Karue for their Girls Getaway trips. 

STUDENTS: Our Washington, D.C. host experience allows us to extend our reach to students and their parents! Many students didn't get to take their school trip to D.C. and we want to help them make up for lost time.


Is there a minimum group size that is required for travel?

Most of our trip groups require 6-10 guests. We have to meet the minimum number of required guests before finalizing the trip or else we may have to postpone the trip.

You aren't required to bring 6-10 people (unless you want to, of course). Our trips fill up fast - so we rarely have to postpone trips due to lack of commitment. 

Why would I travel with a group trip instead of a private trip?

Traveling in groups is a great way to meet new people from across the world! 

If you are uncomfortable traveling with a group you are unfamiliar with, you could consider gathering a group of your friends / family to travel together. 

You could also consider our exclusively private trip, where you and your guest(s) are the only people on the trip. This allows for even more personalized trips with the exclusivity of having a local trip guide escort you around. 


Is there free time allotted during the trip?

Absolutely! We have found that the perfect balance of a vacation consists of organized activities and free-time. Generally our trips consist of group activities, sight-seeing, and excursions until the afternoon (depending on the location). Typically the evenings after dinner are yours to explore. For each location we have excursion that we recommend in the off time. 

Is it more expensive to book through Karue?

Karue is not more expensive than any other travel agent. In fact, most other travel companies will book your vacation without the itinerary customization like ours. Additionally, since we are a trip company, we are your private trip guide. 

We are not only your travel planner and booking personnel, but we are also your trip guide and host. Four for the price of one!

What if I don't see the trip I want to take on this website?

Contact us here or fill out the form below and we will begin working with our partners to build a trip in your desired location

Do I have to pay upfront for the trip? 

Nope. There are payment plans for all trips. The entire payment is due 5 weeks before the trip (unless otherwise noted on the trip description). There are non-refundable trip holding fees for each guest on each trip. 

We have no hidden fees. We are committed to honesty and transparency. Altogether, we want you to have the best trip experience with the exceptional customer service you deserve!

When you say customizable, just how customized is it?

When you reserve your trip, we will send you the Karue Traveler's Questionnaire. This is when we gather your trip preferences. From that, we work to accommodate the entire group's interests into a group itinerary. 

Are flights included?

With Karue trips, flights are not included unless otherwise noted in the trip description. Karue Travels and its Partners are happy to suggest flight options for you and your guests. 

Can you work within a specific budget?

There is generally a base price for each trip that includes the necessities (lodging, food and drink, transportation). We try to accommodate most budgets but since our services are aimed at luxury experiences, we cannot work with low-budget trip. 


Do I need travel insurance?

We do not offer travel insurance through Karue although we do recommend it. We suggest you consult with your insurance provider to choose to best option for you.

I want to gift a Karue vacation to someone - how can I do that? 

That is so kind and thoughtful of you! If you visit our page "Book A Trip" you will find an option to Gift a Trip. From there we will work with you and/or the person you are gifting the trip to, to begin creating their custom itinerary. 

Will I have a good time? 

Sure will! We are committed to making your vacation memorable. Check out our Mission and Core Values here

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