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How It Works

Karue is a mother-daughter small group trip hosting company. That means that when you sign up for a trip, you will be joined by 8-10 other mothers and daughters. We vacation together with the goal of cultivating dream vacations, delightful experiences, and celebratory moments. You can count on spending roughly 60% of your vacation with the group, and the remaining 40% is yours to fill with excursions of choice or relaxation. Karue provides a list of additional excursions and local highlights that you can choose from to fill your free-time if desired. 

When you travel with Karue, you can be guaranteed full-service accommodations complete with your own Traveling Hosts and Concierge. With Karue, you will travel alongside the founders of the travel industry's leading mother-daughter trip providers: Karen and Rosie. This powerful mother-daugher duo knows exactly how to hand craft itineraries that meet every guests' desires. 




Choose Your Destination: Book A Trip

All current Karue trips are listed on the Book A Trip page. New trips are added often (pro-tip: sign up for the newsletter to receive first claim on the newest destinations).

Peruse Karue's trip catalog and find the trip that works for you!


Pick The Date That Works

Karue offers trip dates through the year. Trips are on a rotation in order to visit the cities and countries at the peak experience time.


Secure Your Spot

Each trip only has room for 10-12 guests. To secure your spot for your trip of choice, you and your guest should RSVP by purchasing a "ticket" for your trip. Securing your spot requires a small non-refundable deposit that goes towards your trip payments. 


Complete Your Karue Travels Traveler Questionnaire

Your Karue Traveler's Questionnaire helps Karue and its partners to craft the group's itinerary. This questionnaire is a one-stop-shop for submitting waivers, photo releases, emergency contacts, travel preferences, and other important travel information.


With Karue, you will only have to fill out ONE document for travel. No hassle booking guaranteed. 


Book Your Flight

Karue Travels is ALL-INCLUSIVE upon reaching your destination. The only thing you need to book is your flight to the given destination. Karue will help with flight recommendations if desired. 


Meet The Group

Final itineraries will be released the week before the trip. Group introductions will take place on the first day of the trip. You'll come together as strangers, and leave feeling like family. 

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